Rachel’s passion for wine started in her thirties. She was working in biotech in Boston and began attending wine tastings at the local wine shop. “A beverage that is art and science all rolled into one? How exciting!” Shortly thereafter she was on her way to Napa with an interview and only the possessions that would fit in her car. 

Over the years, Rachel’s passion for wine took her across the globe working in California, Hawaii, Italy, Australia, and New Zealand. During this time she was fortunate to work alongside many talented winemakers: always paying attention to the details of their craft and learning from the choices they made.

Once she decided to strike out on her own, Rachel wanted stay small. This model gives Rachel the ability to handcraft small lots while paying attention to every detail.


Dick & Luanne Boushey

Boushey Vineyards

Dick and Luanne Boushey are the team behind the grapes. Their lifetime of experience, passion and hard work show every year in the high-quality wines produced from their vineyards in many wineries across Washington. I am fortunate to be partnering with them and I hope to expose the sense of place hidden within those grapes.

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